Download ATLASCraft  (74 MB ZIP, 364 MB expanded)

System Requirements

  1. A licensed copy of Minecraft Java Edition for PC/MAC (version 1.12 or later), available here.

  2. About 1 GB of free disk space.

  3. 4 GB of RAM.

Installation Instructions

Download the map, extract the ZIP and place in your save game directory as follows:

  1. Download the ZIP file containing the map to your computer.

  2. Right click on the ZIP folder and "Extract All". Extract all files, e.g. to the Desktop.

  3. To locate the Minecraft "saves" folder, start the Minecraft Launcher, select "Launch Options" and "Add new". Access the Minecraft "Game directory" for saved games by clicking the green arrow next to the folder icon.

  4. Copy the unzipped game map directory into the "saves" folder.

  5. Exit and re-launch Minecraft, find ATLAScraft in the saved games, and... enjoy!

Need a bit more help?  Please see the instructions for "How to install Minecraft maps on PC/MAC" here.

Video Settings

To enhance visualization of the map, here are some video settings that might help:

  1. From the main menu click "Options" then "Video Settings".

  2. Change brightness slider to "Bright".

  3. Turn clouds setting to "Off".

  4. To speed up the loading of new map areas, reduce the Render Distance and use "Graphics: Fast"


Want to have a look at the full CERN Large Hadron Collider site?  Here is the same map but including many of the LHC tunnels and the full 100 square kilometer area of CERN (278.4 MB ZIP, 1.63 GB expanded).  


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